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Courtney Palm holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in this field since 2005. She has conducted more than 10,000 sleep consults throughout the course of her career and is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
Courtney completed three years of a clinical internship to specialize in child development and early intervention through the Child Development Institute in California. Courtney is certified in DIR: Floortime, the Neuro-Sequential Model of Therapeutics, and the Babies/Pre-Steps Model of Intervention for premature babies.
Courtney started her clinical practice at the Child Development Institute providing developmental evaluations, Floor-time Intervention, and mental health counseling for parents of children with special needs. She expanded her practice to include pediatric sleep intervention for children with neuro- cognitive disabilities and trauma. After relocating to Colorado Courtney worked with the University of Denver’s Early Learning Center supporting inclusive education for children with special needs. She also worked with the area child advocacy centers providing trauma counseling, forensic interviewing, and sleep support to children who were victims of crime. Courtney co-authored an article with Dr. Amber McDonald for the APSCAC journal’s best practices issue on conducting forensic interviews with children with special needs. 

Currently, Courtney works for Early Intervention Colorado providing developmental assessments, sleep intervention, and postpartum counseling to parents of children with developmental delays. She also worked with Children’s Hospital Colorado in the Postpartum Depression Clinic providing attachment work with moms and babies in addition to sleep support. In her private practice Courtney offers her sleep expertise to families of typically developing children and provides professional trainings to providers seeking to learn more about sleep intervention. In 2016 Courtney developed and released a sleep training app called Cradle Baby Sleep Trainer for parents of children ages 0-3 years to facilitate healthy sleep routines and improved rest times.  The objective of this app was to make sleep information more affordable and accessible to families who did not have access to professional sleep services. The Cradle logic was sold to a pediatric app company in 2022 and Courtney continues to work on advisory boards for different pediatric companies providing sleep recommendations and strategies for their products.


"We have had the distinct pleasure of having Courtney present for our Birth to Five Collaboratives twice - in fact her first workshop was so incredibly popular and well received we had to add a second event! Her presentation style offers an excellent balance of science, theory and application to case examples - all within a lively atmosphere which affords attendees an opportunity to gain an incredible amount of information, in a very palatable and meaningfully useful way."


Jessica Thomas Psy.D, IFECMHS, CCTP

LA County Department of Mental Health


"CDI was thrilled to have Courtney Palm, MFT train our staff on Sleep Intervention for Children with Special Needs. Courtney's presentation was insightful, informative, engaging, and just amazing!. One particularly commendable aspect of the presentation was the emphasis on the holistic approach to addressing sleep issues in young children, recognizing the interconnectedness of sleep with various aspects of physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. Her outstanding delivery and knowledge of child development is praiseworthy."


Dana Kalek, M.Ed, Director of Operations

Child Development Institute (CDI)

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"In Spring of 2021 the Infant Development Association of California was so pleased to have Courtney Palm present twice, virtually, on sleep intervention for young children from birth to three. Courtney's first presentation, Pediatric Sleep Intervention 0-3 was outstanding! It was our largest virtual event with over 300 participants. She was highly engaging as she provided extensive, useful information to her audience on this topic. Courtney was excellent as she presented clearly, answered questions during and after the presentation and left participants looking forward to her future presentations. Courtney's second presentation, Gut Health and Sleep-How Are They Connected? was well attended with over 100 participants. Courtney was excellent and participants gained insightful information they could use with families in their practices. Courtney has been presenting for us yearly since 2021, always to rave reviews!"


Maureen Stephenson

Infant Development Association (IDA)

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